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Employment Training

We currently offer paid training for all required course to fulfill HTS employment requirements as mandated by the State of Oklahoma. Training is available online and via classroom setting as well as client specific on the job training.

The following classes are required to begin work:

Basic CPR and First Aid (which we can provide or schedule)

MAT is required to administer medications

DD-MAT is preferred (we can schedule for you)

The following courses are required to be completed within 30 days of employment:

Foundations - this course is available online with our agency.

Effective Teaching - course available online with our agency.

The following courses are required to be completed within 90 days of employment:

Skill Building, Ethical/Legal, Nuts/Bolts, Connections,

Communications and Health - all courses are available online

with our agency.

Employment Job Training courses are required before working alone or within 60 days. These courses include:

General Employment Training - available online with our agency.

Employment Specialist Training - available online also.

Specialized and/or client specific training is defined by a team in an individuals Plan of Care and this type of training is facilitated by the team as to what course or what professional can train for it specific to the need of the individual.

Courses or training may include:

Mobility training, manual/overhead lift use, exercise programs, lifting, meal time assistance or guidance, training for any therapeutic equipment needs, advanced behavioral training, PIP, MOPI 1-2, etc.

Other courses are available through our agency including Supervisor courses for effective management, problem solving, writing/developing plans, incident reporting, abuse/neglect reporting, autism, etc.